Mercer Caverns Mining Company

Experience what it was like to mine for minerals in the 1800s at the Mercer Caverns Mining Company.  Several kinds of "mining rough" may be purchased so that guests may experience first hand what it is like to mine for minerals in a mining sluice.  As you wash away the mining rough you will discover a variety of mineral or fossil treasures in each bag.  Each bag of mining rough comes with an identification card to help you identify the minerals or fossils that you find.  You also get a "keeper" bag so that you can take any treasures that you find home with you.

Display case at the Assay Station helps kids identify their finds. Mom consults the instructions while her kids pour their gem-laden gravels into the pans Kids begin sifting while their mother assists Pouring the mining rough into the sluice box Excitement builds as gemstones emerge during the sluicing process. Madeleine has uncovered an especially nice specimen of obsidian Sluicing continues to reveal more gems which Mom holds in the keeper bag. Bennett displays his finds after finishing his sluicing. There is plenty of room along the track to accomodate large groups.